User Guide
In this website you can find the 5 minuets interval data for meteorological condition and 7 PV Plants of University of Tehran PV laboratory. Each PV Plant has its specific page and since all PV Plants were not establish simultaneously, they range of available data (and operating hours of each PV Plant) are not the same.

Chart and Data

For each variable there are two options for viewing the data. Either you can select the view chart icon or you may select the raw data. You should specify the date prior your selection.

Data Types

If applicable, you can select the level of data. There are 3 level for most of the variables; daily, monthly and yearly profile. The daily profile of each chart provides the 5 minutes interval of each variable while the monthly and yearly profiles present the total or the average of each variable. The later is applicable for the power data.

Period Profile

In addition to above mentioned data types, one can view and/or download the data for a specific period. You should specify the start and finish date of the variables and the type of it.

Export Data

For all data you can view the raw data and also you may export it to an Excel, Word or PDF file.

View related variables in a single chart

In order for comparing different variables of each section you can select some other variables as well to be shown in the chart beside your previous chart. Once you have selected one variable and see its chart you may check or uncheck other variables as well.

View all PV Plants data in a single chart

In order to provide a comparison between various PV Plants, you may select the total power plants and the select the variables so that you can check or uncheck each PV Plant and see their values of this variables.