University of Tehran, 20 kW Photovoltaic Plant Data Center
University of Tehran’s Photovoltaic Plant Complex consists of 7 different plants. The solar modules of three plants are from domestic suppliers while other plants modules are purchased from foreign companies. They have been selected from the products which are available in Iran market. The aim of selecting various solar panels and inverters is performance evaluation of different solar panels in Tehran climate condition. Most of the power plants can be titled seasonally in order to give more energy from sun. In order to provide a comprehensive dataset for further study on these power plants, all power plant information including the energy diagrams and time series of data is publicly available and can be easily downloaded and/or viewed from here. More information about available parameters, the methodology of calculation of these parameters, a brief User Guide and the power plant system layout can be found in this website.
  • Total Output Power of Photovoltaic Plants
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